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Hey, Hey Maker!

Welcome to The Pin Puff Co!!
Home of zero-waste, functional and fashionable pin minding
products that serve the needs of the modern sewing, needle art and maker community! 

What The Puff!?

How Will You Mind Your Pins and Needles?

Is there anything more frustrating (and frankly as worrisome) in the sewing world, than a needle without a home? Put your pins in their place with our wearable Pin Puff Swappables!!
Designed by a Maker, with the Modern Maker in Mind!

Put A Pin in It

Keep Your Pins Close, and Your Needles Closer

Nothing makes the heart sing quite like sewing up a raglan, patching together a quilt or hand embroidering your favorite lyrics into a hoop.
In fact, Pin Puffs were created by a handmade artist to solve the frustration of lost cushions, missing needles and misplaced pins. Our wearable Swapptions make the best of handmade, even better.

Get Swappin'